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A NOTE FROM THE OWNER: We are having a complete new makeover inside and out at Skelton! There will be building work going on until September 27th. If you need an appointment please call us on 01287 644211 and we can book you in at the Loftus branch or you can book online by clicking here.

If you are happy to wait for our grand reopening in September, it will be an absolute pleasure to show you our new look!

You can still call us at Skelton to book an appointment or to ask any questions. Our phone lines are still open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm. You can call us on 01287 650655.

Now Why Visit Skelton Optical?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I have invested in new eye testing equipment that allows you to have a state-of-the-art eye test and at the same time maintain social distancing with the Optician. How is this done?

With our new enhanced eye test, you now get a special scan done on the back your eyes, called the Optomap scan. The machine does a fast scan of your eyes and sends the images to a computer. This means the Optician does not have to get up close to your eyes to look inside. What’s more, is this machine can see further into your eyes than any other retinal camera in the world!

The Optomap scan can help save your vision by detecting early signs of eye disease. It is also a great general health check as it allows the Optician to look for conditions such as signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancerous tumours.

Furthermore, we are now only seeing a limited number of people per day due to safety sterilising measures in place for COVID-19. We are providing 45 minutes for your examination.

The eye test may not take this long but this allows time for all the equipment to be wiped down and sterilised and it limits the number of patients in the Opticians so you can feel safe without the risk of close contact with anyone.

Do You Take Your Vision For Granted?

You only have one set of eyes to last you a lifetime. You need to choose your Optician wisely. At Loftus Optical you are treated as a human and to give you the attention your eyes deserve we do a very thorough health check on your eyes.

It’s not just a vision check, you get a thorough health examination on your eyes too. This is important even if you feel your vision is normal. A regular eye test is also a good general health check for your body as it can help detect high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancerous tumours as mentioned earlier.

If you lost your vision how much would you pay to get it back? A lot of people say their vision is priceless, that’s why I have invested in the latest eye care equipment. Not all opticians have the same equipment.

If all you care about is a “buy one get one free offer” then I would advise you to go to one of the big chains of Opticians. If you care more about the health of your eyes, you are in safe hands at my independent practice.

It’s all about the eye test experience. This begins not just we the Optician but with all of my highly trained staff.

And no matter which Optician you see, myself or one of my colleagues you will get the same high standard of eye health checks.

An Enhanced Eye Test

An eye test is not just an eye test. You can just get a very basic eye test offered ‘free’ in many Opticians but in life you get what you pay for!

At Loftus Optical we now only do an ‘Enhanced Eye Test’. This is includes many additional eye examinations to look after the health of your eyes as well as all the standard eye tests you would expect.

In a nutshell you are getting one of the most detailed eye tests you can ever get. Think of it as a very thorough MOT test for your eyes.

Another check that is included is the Optomap Scan…


What Is An Optomap Scan?


Optomap is a highly advanced device that takes a detailed and comprehensive image of the retina at the back of the eye. It takes the widest image possible compared to all other devices in the world. It’s completely safe, painless and takes seconds to get an image. It was designed by an engineer who’s son lost his sight because of a tear in the retina that couldn’t have been detected using existing technology, He founded Optos the company that make the device.


How Does It Work?


The machine has a special safe, low powered light combined with an accurately curved mirror to look through your pupil and scan your retina to create a detailed image. This image is sent through to a computer where the optician can analyse the results. The amount of retina this scan can see and capture has simply not ever been possible before. Only a few Opticians in the country have invested in this technology. Not even James Cook Hospital has this!


What Is The Retina?


The retina is an extremely thin layer, inside the back of the eye, that senses the light entering your eye to form an image. It acts very similarly to the film in a camera in the way it captures the light. In many retinal diseases, you may not notice any changes until it is too late.

An eye test should always include an examination of the retina to check for problems and risks of blindness. The retina is the only place in your body where we can see live blood vessels, so many conditions that affect the blood supply, such as diabetes and high blood pressure may be seen in the retina.


What Do The Images Look Like?


comparison between an optomap and traditional retinal imaging machine
The grey area shown on the right is the area that is missed with a normal fundus camera. At Skelton Optical we use the Optomap, which as you can see above on the left, gives a much wider view of the retina. In fact, it is over 4 times wider!
This wider view is essential if you want a full health check on your eyes. Using a normal fundus camera it is possible to miss changes on your retina, such as a retinal tumour, which if spotted with the Optomap scan can save your life. That is how important this type of eye test is over a standard check with a basic retinal camera.

How Much Is An Optomap Enhanced Eye Test?


If you are over 60 and entitled to an NHS eye test then this will cover a very basic sight test that does not include extra health checks such as the Optomap scan. My enhanced eye test upgrade is £60, including the Optomap.

The Optomap can reveal so much more about your eye health. Many people pay £60 or more to have an MOT done on their car, which at the end of the day, is a heap of metal. 

Which is worth more to you, your car or your eyes? If you lost your car, yes it’s an inconvenience, but if you lost your vision it would be a living nightmare! Your vision is priceless.

If you are not willing to invest £60 on your eye health once a year or once every two years, then I would suggest you seek out an Optician who only offers free basic eye tests.

The cost of the equipment (over £50,000) and its maintenance is expensive. The enhanced eye test is something that I do need to charge for. You are not rushed, looking at the health of your eyes needs to be done carefully and it takes time if you want it doing properly.

If you pay privately, our enhanced eye test including the Optomap is £90.

£90 may seem a lot, but don’t forget an eye test is something you only need once every year or once every 2 years. An eye test is not just about your vision, it’s also a very good health check to have done and can even save your life.

Many people spend more than £90 on cigarettes, alcohol, mobile phones, even bread and milk over the course of a year. So really it depends on your priorities.

If you don’t want to have access to this kind of technology and healthcare for your eyes then you are best going elsewhere.

This may seem harsh but I am passionate about looking after your vision and if you don’t care about it then I am not the Optician for you!


Can I Have A Copy Of My Images?


Yes, we can do this through email or with a printed copy.

Many of our patients join our membership plan, which starts from £7 per month and you get the Enhanced Eye Test as standard, as many times as required during the year.

For more information on the benefits of our membership please click here.

If you want to learn more about the Optomap technology, please click here.

Meet The Team


From Left To Right: Lauryn (Receptionist), Jodie (Optical Assistant), John (Optician/Owner), Susan (Manager) and Julie (Receptionist).


We are a friendly bunch, here to help you and your eyes. We are proud to be part of the local community and to be able to bring such high tech eye testing technology to your doorstep! We believe you can have one of the best eye tests in the world, right here in little old Skelton .




R.J. Veal

A very friendly reception and efficient examination. I bought some nice spectacles for a reasonable price.

P. Ord

Skelton Optical did a first class examination and I am highly satisfied with my glasses.


Very helpful staff.

John Mark Dorgan

The staff are excellent at their job, very friendly. I was able to get or buy a pair of glasses for a reasonable price as I am unemployed. The service from the staff was outstanding. They also gave me great advice on my eyesight. I would be more than happy to use Skelton Optical again in the future.

Pam Bennett

Skelton Optical is a great example of a community-based business going the extra mile for its customers.

David B. Welford

The service I received was very good, both from the Optician and reception. Everything was fully explained in an easy to stand language.

Doreen Stimson

A very good service. Time and care was taken with my examination. It is also nice to have an Opticians within walking distance.

Mrs L. Rex

I called in as I was passing and was offered a test there and then which was great. The test was thorough and explained at each stage. I got a very good discount on my glasses and they were ready within the time stated. On collection they checked for fit and comfort and made some minor alterations which was brilliant. A first class service, I recommend them wholeheartedly. Lucky Skelton , top notch Opticians.

Phyllis Chadwick

I was very happy with the service I received, my new glasses are great and I would recommend Skelton Optical to friends and family. John and the girls were very friendly and made me feel very welcome.

Ian Scott

I was very pleased with the service I received and the very professional examination and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you.


I was very happy with my test. Excellent.

Mrs Bell

I liked the personal touch. While waiting for my husband who couldn’t drive at the time, I was given a nice cup of tea both times, even though the receptionists were busy. They were both friendly and cheerful.

Keith Atterley

Very friendly, helpful and professional service. I will use again and have recommended others already to Skelton Optical.

Kathleen Harland

I was happy with the service and it is good to have an Optician in the town and I hope it is successful.


I found the staff very pleasant and also thought they were very smart. The place was very clean and tidy. This is something I noticed straight away.

J.R. Hoggarth

The staff are very polite and helpful. The examination was very thorough and my new glasses were ready in 5 working days.

Mr & Mrs Lightbody

We were both extremely pleased with our treatment and the resulting spectacles. We would both be delighted to continue dealing with Skelton Optical providing the Optician does not change. He was the one who impressed us as he listened and took his time in dealing with us. Reception/back up staff were caring and friendly. Well done.


The service here is far better than the larger Opticians. I will not be going back to Specsavers.

Mrs T. Bailey

I would recommend Skelton Optical to anyone. I had a thorough eye examination and everyone there was very helpful, even when I had a problem after I had my glasses. I had more tests to get it sorted and there is a good aftercare service at no cost to you. Very happy.

F. Hodgson

I would like to say your practice is excellent. I would advise anyone to come to you. Good luck.

Mr J. Toulson

Because you are local I was able to arrange an appointment which fitted in with my work schedule. I prefer to give my custom to a Skelton shop. Lovely to see a new business in the town. Hope you do well.


A very friendly and thorough examination, better than I had ever had before, with excelled professional treatment.


Very thorough examination, friendly staff and very helpful.

S. Spooner

A friendly, efficient service.

M. Szutrak

I was extremely satisfied with my visit to the Optician. He was very thorough with my examination. I will definitely use him again. My glasses are perfect.

G.M. Westlake

I would thoroughly recommend Skelton Optical, excellent service particularly with aged relatives who needed a domiciliary eye test.

Tom Porter

A great service geared to customer needs in a welcoming and friendly environment. Eye examinations are carried out in a timely and professional manner. A personal service that cannot be matched by larger chains. Well done!

Mrs Denise E. Nesbitt

I am a keen supporter of local businesses, so when I needed new glasses I called in to Skelton Optical, whilst I had a recent prescription the fact that Skelton Optical was on my doorstep meant my glasses would be ready sooner. The prescription I had in my possession had been carried out in what I felt was a hurried manner. Skelton Optical checked my eyes thoroughly and the suggestions made regarding my new glasses meant I could have the rimless range I had wanted but had been told previously that they were unsuitable for my prescription. I felt the time and care I received (on New Years Eve as well) was excellent and I was thoroughly impressed with the subsequent phone calls and follow-up to ensure my glasses were in store in a matter of days. I feel Skelton Optical is an asset to our High Street and surrounding villages. I would highly recommend the friendly, informed, efficient service to all who may need the service of an Optician in the near future.

Belinda Dobson

I received a thorough eye examination and was dealt with by welcoming staff. If people want a price competitive and friendly service then they should look no further!

Janice Bailes

I used Skelton Optical as they are easy to get to with being in my village. I was very pleased with the service I received.

Donald Rose

I highly recommend Skelton Optical for all your spectacle and eye sight needs. The service is excellent and professional and deserves the support of Skelton residents.

Mrs C. Ryder

When I needed an eye test recently I decided to go to Skelton Optical because I like to use the local businesses as much as possible. I was very pleased with the service I received; all the staff are friendly, welcoming and approachable. The eye examination was very thorough, all the procedures were explained and I was satisfied with the advice I was given. If I have a problem with my eyes or glasses at any time I will have no qualms about popping in for advice. I would be happy to recommended Mr John Prouse at Skelton Optical to anyone needing an eye examination.

Mr Trevor Wilkinson

I first came to Skelton Optical to assist with my mothers appointment and whilst there I was impressed with the service. I was not too happy with my own optician so I was more than happy to transfer my custom. This is a decision that I have not regretted.


I was made to feel very welcome. It was such a pleasant experience; I would gladly go every week!!

Mrs Margaret Whitehead

Wonderful to have expert optical advice in East Cleveland and aftercare. Professional to the point my eyes were scanned at James Cook within two weeks, on the recommendation by John Prouse that the scan was needed. The scan showed up Macular Degeneration just as John Prouse predicted. Although in early stages this will prove to help with my treatment.

Violet Dales

I was very pleased with the service I received and it is good to know you don’t have to go out of your own town to get this good service.

Brain P

I was thoroughly satisfied with the friendly and courteous service received and would recommend the practice and I will return there when I need another eye test or more glasses.

Barry Scollett

I was very pleased with the service at Skelton Optical and would certainly use them again.


Overall a very good service, better than Specsavers.

S. Steyert

Friendly, efficient, polite, helpful. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. 100% satisfied.

Terry Ord

Skelton Optical’s the place to go. Get your eye test from a No 1 bro. Choose your frames from a big display – and the two pretty girls will wish you “good day”.”


The service I received from Skelton Optical was excellent from both receptionist and Optician. They were both very helpful. There were plenty of frames to choose from and the prices were very reasonable. I have and would recommend Skelton Optical to both family and friends and plus it is on our door step for the people of Skelton . Thank you again.